Group Therapy

Anxiety Group for Women Online


The Online Anxiety Group for Women is beginning soon (winter 2018 when 4 members are committed): This small group will be run online as a process group,  meaning it will be focusing on the needs and content the group members prefer to focus on rather than a group strictly about education on anxiety for example. There will be some sharing of ideas, weekly topics and coping strategies shared by the therapist as appropriate. Info on pricing can be found here.

When and Where:

The group is offered weekly on Tuesdays from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CST. It will begin in the fall/winter of 2018 when the group is filled. Online therapy is helpful for women who are working as they can avoid drive time to and from sessions. It also allows women with little children to attend who aren’t ready to leave their little ones. And for women who travel for work, this is a wonderful option as they can participate from anywhere. A strong internet connection is necessary (can you stream Netflix easily?) for the secure, confidential software to function properly. Easy peasy, Lis will walk you through it. Additionally, group members must reside in Minnesota.

How to save your spot:

Online groups work best with a small number of people. We will stick to around 3-6 members. Having a small group allows for plenty of time for each person to share as much or as little as they’d prefer. Space is limited. To see if you’re a good fit we can schedule a 15 minute phone consult. To do that or ask any other questions you can email me [] or use the contact form below. Additional contact details are available here.

PDF of the flyer is available here – Anxiety Support Group for Women